Honor Code

At STEMFixer, We Don’t Accept Requests that:

Violate any kind of law, statute, ordinance or regulation.

Relate to or get involved with:

  • a) steroids, cigarettes, drugs , or any other products that put consumer safety at risk
  • b) things that may promote, instruct, or encourage other people to illegal actions
  • c) stolen physical, digital, and virtual goods
  • d) encouragement and promotion of violence, hate, any sort of intolerance, or the exploitation of a crime
  • e) obscene things
  • f) requests, infringing or violating any proprietary rights under the laws of any jurisdiction, including copyright, trademarks, right of publicity or privacy
  • g) materials or services that are sexually oriented; firearms, certain firearm parts or accessories, ammunition, or other weapons regulated under applicable law.

Partake or get involved into activities that:

  • a) show private information of third parties, which violates the applicable law
  • b) support matrix programs, pyramid or other "quick easy money" schemes and multi-level marketing programs
  • c) associate with annuities purchases or lottery contracts, off-shore banking, lay-away systems, financing or refinancing debts funded by a credit card
  • d) focus on selling of certain items before possessing or having control of the items
  • e) act on behalf of merchants, collecting payments
  • f) are associated with money orders or selling travel cheques
  • g) involve cashing of cheques and currency exchange
  • h) provide certain repair of credit, services of settling debts, insurance activities or credit transactions
  • i)focus on receiving or offering payments.

Requests that are very likely to be fraudulent, as identified by government agencies.